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Ways We Work

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Taylor Jackson

Photographer, filmmaker & author

Taylor Jackson is a photographer, filmmaker and published author from Waterloo, Ontario. He once failed to complete the 120oz steak challenge at Brand Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

What do you do?

I document and create. I am always looking for an excuse to travel. Photographer and filmmaker is probably my official category.

How do you stay up to date with trends in your industry/field?

Typically I just create what I would want created for me. I wear a lot of hats all around the digital-creative space, so the best way for me to stay current, is to get out in the world. It is one thing to sit at home and research these things, but quite another to experience them.

What are your top five applications or tools?

Computer: Photo Mechanic (to sort), Premiere (to video), Lightroom (to photo), Ableton (to music), and typical social media to share.

Best way to stay on top of email?

I typically answer the bulk of my email twice a week. Sunday and Thursday night. I always read everything as it comes in, but if I'm out shooting a lot, I need some time to get my head away from business.

What is your best time-saving trick?

Hire people that are better than you. If you're just starting out in the photo or video world, make outsourcing editing a core part of your business.

One non-tech thing you can’t live without?


What does your workspace look like?

Today it's a hotel room on the 51st floor of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. Yesterday it was a Hello Kitty themed jet from Taipei. As long as I have a computer, and my iPhone any space works as an office.

Structure of your typical day, how do you divide your time?

Depends on the day and time of year. Some weeks in the summer I'm booked 7 days from 8am - 10pm, other weeks we do unreasonable things like fly to LA to start filming a documentary about tacos. At the end of the year I like to have one day off for every day that I work. A 'day off' typically still involves me doing a photo or video project.

Who would you like to see featured on Ways We Work?

Jennifer and Jim Moss. They have a lot of great things to say about happiness in the workplace.