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Ways We Work

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Meaghan Coneybeare

Co-founder and director of PR at IM@Events.

After many years growing up in cottage country, Meaghan Coneybeare made her way to Kitchener-Waterloo almost 9 years ago. A graduate of Humber’s Event Management program, Meaghan has worked in the event industry for several years. She entered the world of social media shortly after that and from there co-founded a company that combines the two industries quite nicely! Meaghan is also known as a social activist, giving of her time to causes such as advocating for youth in care & raising awareness on ways to support victims of human trafficking. In her down-time, you may find her riding the shoulders of unicyclists or driving along the California coast.

What do you do?

I'm Co-Founder and Director of PR at IM@Events, where we give events the power of better social media impressions. We provide live event coverage, social data reporting, event consulting among other areas that help amplify an events media. My co-founder Jane and I have been in the field of social media and events for quite some time, so coming together to create our company just felt natural.

I also spend my time advocating for youth involved with children's services, whether at risk and/or living in foster care. I believe very strongly that in order for these youth to be able to have strong, bright futures, we need to work hard at changing the stigmas associated and come along side and support these inspiring and worthy kids who have the very right to a better life. One of the ways I've contributed to this is by co-facilitating a group through Family & Children's Services known as Me to We: Going Local that brings together youth in similar backgrounds & situations to give back to the community they live in and in some cases organizations them themselves have received support from. It's a step in the right direction to showing the community these youth are important and valuable, no matter their background or life situation.

How do you stay up to date with trends in your industry/field?

I try to get to as many different events that I can. Small or large. In KW or outside of it. I watch to see how they take on social media and how they put together their events. I'm a big believer that we should never stop learning. I take any opportunity I can to broaden my skills and stay on with trends. I've recently taken on photography as a way to offer more to our clients at IM@Events. That means taking time to experiment with my camera and go out to photography courses. I do a lot of reading! There are always so many articles floating around about social media, so it requires taking the time to sift through and take away some great nuggets of knowledge that we can use to better our business.

Best way to stay on top of email?

Is there such a way? Ha! I usually read emails when I get them right away. If it can be answered quickly I get right to it. If not, I star it to get back to when I have a free moment to respond. Or begin a draft where I jot down some notes that come to mind right away and put it away for when I can craft it together. I've had to learn that it's ok not to respond right away.

Top five applications or programs?

Google! It seriously rocks! TweetDeck when it comes to working on site with events. I'm forever grateful to Jane for introducing me to CameraBag for filtering pictures. I can't get enough of Instagram.

What is your best time-saving trick?

If something comes my way that I know someone else would be better fit to take on, I redirect it to them. It hasn't been easy to do as I'm definitely someones who struggles to say no. But if I am ever to have time to do the work that I'm good at doing or even have time for myself, then I have to be able to delegate.

One non-tech thing you can't live without?

Books. And I don't mean the ones you read on a Kindle. Real, live, books. There's something about diving into a great novel, breathing in the smell of the pages and leaving the world behind for a little bit.

Structure of your typical day? How do you divide your time?

My morning starts before I even get out of bed, browsing through Facebook & Twitter to see if there are some hot topics for the day. I also check email that has come through that needs to be ear-marked. I then always make time for the gym. This is my me-time and helps clear my head. Some great ideas for ways to push IM@Events out there more have come while hitting the cross trainer! I then spend the rest of my day connecting with potential clients and researching ways to grow our business. I also make sure to take time to carve out time for causes that are near and dear to me. I really try to use my actual and social media voice to advocate for causes that need attention, like youth in care.

What is the greatest piece of career advice/wisdom you've ever received?

Embrace the mistakes, negativity & failures. They will only make you stronger in the end.

Who would you like to see featured on Ways We Work?

Natalie Benninger of Nick & Nat's/Taco Farm