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Ways We Work

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Ways We Work is a digital publication focused on telling stories and getting first-hand accounts of how people do the work they love. The idea that we can make a living doing the work that we love is driving more people to pursue their passions everyday. But what does that really look like? Behind every success is an immense amount of anxiety, challenge and often failure. So often we hear from people or companies when they’ve launched a new product, hit a major milestone or when they’ve failed. Ways We Work wants to hear from people when they’re in the trenches; honest and candid conversations with people who are discovering the rewards and challenges of what it means to do the work they love.

Our goal is to be a thriving community where people come to get rejuvenated by reading about others who are on a similar path share their everyday experiences; the challenges, the victories, the elation and the heartache and everything else inbetween.

The Team

Amandah Wood

Amandah Wood

Founder & Editor

Amandah started Ways We Work as a way to learn from other professionals and share their knowledge with others. She began to notice through her conversations that despite the varying levels people were at in their careers, everyone had challenges they faced and things they had yet to figure out. Those honest and candid stories are what she loves most about this project and hopes that by sharing them it might inspire others to chase after the meaning in their own work. You can find her through all the links below and say hi!

Matt Quinn

Matt Quinn

Partner & Photographer

Matt joined Ways We Work because he loves uncovering the details on how people better their lives and make their work something they're passionate about. While it sounds a bit cliche to 'follow your dream' or 'pursue one's passion' the process people go through to actually do these things is far from easy. Matt aims to reveal some of the everyday experiences–the fun ones and the challenging ones–people go through in their pursuit of doing great work. To see what else Matt is up to, check out the links below.